In Portugal, there is a really famous fish. It is the codfish. Portuguese people eat codfish in many different ways, and they eat almost every part. Some of the most famous dishes are codfish with cream or codfish with potatoes. Instead of potatoes, it is common to use little potato chip shavings. Portuguese people eat this meal for special occasions like Christmas and Easter. They buy dried codfish in the store, and then prepare it by soaking it in water for a very long time. So if you ever find yourself in Portugal, try codfish.

8 thoughts on “Codfish

    • Hi Lauren, I do not have an exact recipe for codfish, but I do know that it is baked in the oven and tastes almost like a casserole. Olivia

  1. G’day Olivia,
    I love any type of fish. Yesterday I had grilled trevalla at a fish bar near the beach. When I travelled in Canada, I had salmon all the time.
    Are there any other types of fish caught around Portugal?

    • Hi Miss W. Fishing is very popular in Portugal. You see fishermen everywhere! Sardines are popular in Portugal. They are grilled and eaten with skin, eyeballs, and all. – Olivia

    • Hi Nicole,
      I absolutely love Portuguese food. My favorite Portuguese dish is definitely codfish with cream (Bacalhau com natas). I also love rissois, feijoada, and arroz com pato!


  2. Hello Olivia, I’m Noor. It’s cool that it seems you are the only person from Portugal in the student blogging challenge. I love fish, it’s the only meat I eat a lot. What other foods do Portuguese people eat? I’m from America, and our foods are pretty basic: burgers, fries, chicken, etc.

    • Hello Noor,
      I love fish as well. Portuguese people also eat burgers, fries, and chicken. They love their coffee and pastries. Codish and/or octopus are eaten during Christmas and other special events. Many meals start with soup.

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