Dutch Blitz

I really enjoy playing Dutch Blitz. So for this week’s student blogging challenge, I researched Dutch Blitz at http://www.dutchblitz.com
Dutch Blitz was invented by Werner Ernst George Muller, to teach his kids numbers and colors. Now it is played by families all over the world.
Dutch Blitz is a fast-paced game, that will get your competitive side to come out.
To experience the Dutch Blitz feeling, you should bye a pack of your own. Have fun, but remember, it is extremely addictive.



2 thoughts on “Dutch Blitz

  1. I enjoy games and I am dutch (or I think I am… at least part). Thank you for sharing this and giving me a place to learn more. This is very interesting.

    • Hi Mary Davis,
      Dutch blitz is a really fun game! I have not played it in a while because I lost my cards, but it is still my favorite game. What is your favorite game?


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