My comments.

I chose each of these posts to read because they sounded really interesting! I enjoyed this week’s challenge at . These are my comments:

1. I responded to, saying:” Hi Ethan, Oktoberfest sounds super fun! I just have one question, do they play any games or other activities in addition to their eating? Thanks, Olivia. ”

2. I read a very well written post at .After I read a post about board games, I commented,”Hi Anna, I really enjoyed learning about the history of board games! One of my favorite board games is Clue. I have never heard of Farkle, could you write a post about it? -Olivia ”

3. I thought that Bella did an wonderful job telling us about her favorites at . I said to her,”Hi Bella, I was amazed at how well you write! It is quite amazing. Keep up the good work. Just to let you know, my favorite colors are turquoise and teal!- Olivia “

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